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Explore Colorado education statistics & attainment levels for Coloradans.

Colorado currently boasts the highest population of postsecondary-educated residents out of any state in the U.S., but attainment levels vary across demographic groups.

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Colorado Education Attainment (2009 – 2022)

The education distribution of Colorado residents ages 25-64.

Colorado Education Attainment from 2009 - 2022.

Source: Lumina Foundation

Postsecondary Attainment by Race and Ethnicity

While postsecondary degree attainment for students of color has increased in recent years, progress remains uneven. Equity gaps remain in postsecondary attainment across demographics linked to race and ethnicity.

Source: Lumina Foundation

Employment Status by Education Level

As education attainment increases, so too does the rate of employment.

Source: Current Population Survey, Bureau of Labor Statistics & Office of Labor Market Information, CDLE

Completion Levels by Academic Program of Study

Completion numbers for the top three areas of study are shown below. As of the academic year 2021- 2022, the field of Business Administration and Management studies produced the highest graduate count across attainment levels. Liberal Arts, Health Care and Social Assistance, and Behavioral Health also produce a large number of completers in Colorado.

Source: Chmura Econometric Modeling Platform

Projected Job Growth by Education Level

The more education advancement a learner completes, the more likely that individual is to develop the skills needed to qualify for an in-demand, high-paying job.

Sources: Chmura Econometric Modeling Platform, CDLE Office of Labor Market Information

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